When you flick through a report for the first time, what do you look at first? I tend to go straight for the charts and maps. Pictures usually tell a thousand words but you can read them much faster than you can read 1000 words.

Charting Transport provides new views on public domain transport data. There are too many stories in data that go untold, and this blog aims to uncover more of them and shed new light on current trends and patterns in transport.

My aim is to mostly have the charts largely speaking for themselves, and I strive to ensure I’m not misrepresenting or misinterpretting things. I’ll usually include a comment about the reliability of the data. If I do get something wrong I will post a correction or pull the content from the site.

I live and work in Melbourne, so this blog will inevitably be mostly oriented around transport data for Melbourne, Victoria or comparing Australian cities.

Any views expressed in this blog are mine, and not necessarily those of my employer. Comments and feedback are welcome (but please note that comments not relating to the topic of a post will not be approved).

Chris Loader


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