How are transport and cities evolving? What might explain people’s transport choices? What is changing, and what is staying the same? What can we learn from the latest data?

This blog combines my passions for evidence-based decision making, data visualisation and communication, and learning how transport and cities work and are changing over time.

Thanks to governments providing more open data, larger transport-related data sets are now published on a regular basis. But too often this data comes with fairly basic high-level analysis.

This blog aims to turn that data into information and insights, dig a little deeper to understand patterns and trends, test relationships between factors, find better ways of visualising data, uncover hidden stories, and test conventional wisdom and assumptions. I hope to provide an accessible and objective evidence-base so that everyone can have a more informed conversation about transport and cities.

I make extensive use of geospatial processing, data analysis, and more recently I have been having fun exploring the world of data visualisation using Tableau Public (including some tools you can play with).

I live and work in Melbourne, so my analysis primarily focuses on available Australian data sets (particularly the incredibly rich data from the ABS Census). However I sometimes extend this to New Zealand and other countries. See the index for the breadth of my analysis.

This is a project of my spare time, so output will vary depending on other priorities in life, but I will endeavour to add and update analysis as new data is made available. Often this will involve a new post, but sometimes I will update existing posts (follow me on twitter if you don’t want to miss an update).

Any views expressed in this blog are mine, and not necessarily those of my employer.

Comments and feedback are welcome (just keep them on topic please).

Also, please contact me if you would like to republish any of my charts.

Chris Loader

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