Useful references

Useful references and data sources:

Here are some websites that are rich in Australian road and passenger transport data.


Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE), in particular search for their Statistics Yearbook.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (links to latest releases):


Victorian Department of Transport and Planning open data on

Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity

Transport for New South Wales – Data & Insights

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads open data.

South East Queensland: Translink performance (including patronage)


City of Melbourne Census of Land Use and Employment

(this page is not updated frequently, see also links to data sources in posts)

2 Responses to Useful references

  1. Martin Prahran says:

    Hi ABS analysis gurus
    There is a problem in VCAT Planning cases, where partisan developer Experts quote ABS car ownership rates for ‘Flat Unit or Apartment in a 4 or more storey block’ that severly understate the true figure. They do this by including undisclosed, a significant number of Office of Housing (OOH) towers. E.g. for Melbourne-Prahran, best I can make of (shaky) Cdata analysis is that 1 bedroom rate jumps from 0.4 to 0.8 when OOH is excluded. But my analysis is generally frustrated by randomization – numbers for Melbourne-Windsor turn negative when OOH is removed!

    Big ask I know, but there is a vital need to publish proper tables from reliable, expensive ABS Tablebuilder type stats for all State Sburb names (within LGA bounds) for the real parking rates in such blocks, inclusive and exclusive of the Llandlord type of ‘State Housing Authority’.
    VCAT is digging us into a hole here!


  2. Hi, can anyone help me please. How many learner licences are issued throughout Australia annually?


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